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[Solved] Crabbing with auto pilot engaged


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It's a gravity crossflow so no pumps required. 

The manufacturer recommends flying a steady heading sideslip (i.e. one wing low while maintaining a heading). The low wing should be the wing with less fuel. As the fuel indications will be erroneous during the sideslip you must level off and wait thirty seconds before checking them. Obviously sideslips aren't advisable with pax onboard. Best to keep the tanks balanced!

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I definitely have gremlins somewhere.  Fresh reinstall of the plane reboot new airframe.  Still crabbing.  And for some reason Vnav doesn't take over speed. Trims are centered.  FMS is correctly programmed as far as I can tell. Plenty of deadzone on the rudder pedals.  And sticks are not noisy.  




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Thanks you're right.  I checked rudders fifty times for noise set up dead zone and they  were perfectly fine. as in not noisy.  But when I turned them off completely it worked.  So now I need to figure out how to turn them back on without breaking the plane again.  Any ideas on the FMS not taking over speed management?

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