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[ACK] Small visual requests

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Hi everyone,

first of all thank you so much for this masterpiece of airplane. This lady is a real marvel and I'm having so much fun carrying my virtual passengers through the skies!

While I have nothing to complain about, which is remarkable for such a complex aircraft, I'd like to share some spots on the plane which I think don't live up to the insane visual standard of the plane yet.

Let me get right into it.

On the nose, there are some latches that have nothing behind them, which lets the environment bleed through.



The entrance curtain/divider clips through its door when moving.



And the panel covering the cabin door could need some hinges or be moved closer to the wall. Right now it's just floating.



You see, easy stuff, which is why I'd love to see those areas getting a little polish. Maybe you can take a look whenever time allows?

Thanks and kind regards!

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  • amyinorbit changed the title to [ACK] Small visual requests

Thanks for acknowledging those! Sorry if they may double, I've checked existing reports, but it's a bit hard to keep track. :)

May I add another small observation here? There's this part on the nose gear that I think is supposed to be attached to the strut. It just hovers when the gear is extending though. Very well visible from the front during extension:


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