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[SOLVED]How to upload/update winds?


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I'm fairly certain it's possible (think I remember it in the streams) but I haven't been able to figure out how to use the wind uplink for my route. I checked the FMS PRIMER but I can't find anything about winds. Do I just need to do the winds aloft request for some points on one FMS and manually input them on the other? Thanks!

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Hey Kari,

To get winds into the CDU, go to Index (IDX), Route Menu, LSK 6 R

Then FPLN Wind Update LSK L4

This will bring a mostly empty page, this is fine, anod nothing to worry about, click "SEND" LSK 5 R and the winds will start to be requested and downloaded.

This may take a while depending on how many waypoints you've got, and how good your VHF Datalink signal is, when it's done, you'll just need to "Exec" the new wind data.


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