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[ACK] Pitot Cover / EFIS Miscomp


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Thanks for the report, yes that does appear to be an issue. Will make sure it's reported to the developers directly. This is also probably the cause of the EFIS MISCOMP errors we've been seeing, so I've updated the title in the hope others find this report too.

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  • Graeme_77 changed the title to Pitot Cover / EFIS Miscomp

Thank you so much for the report Becaspr.  My first flight was a night flight between CYUL and CYYZ and I thought I was had made some sort of catastrophic mistake when my AP went nuts and I lost airspeed on my Captain PFD.  I had the FMS N1 disagree and EFIS MISCOMP messages Graeme mentioned as soon as it happened.

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  • amyinorbit changed the title to [ACK] Pitot Cover / EFIS Miscomp

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