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AUX TANK HEAVY = I've refuelled incorrectly (usually)

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A few pilots are having issues with AUX TANK HEAVY messages. This is totally understandable as (A) we didn't tell you how to work the refuelling system and (B) Good grief - never let a pilot near a refuelling truck!

The docs will be reviewed to see if something better can be written, in the mean time...

Refuelling - Easy Method

Tell the fueller how much fuel you want.

He's going to say "I'll start up the pumps".

Wait for him to go downstairs, then only switch the L WING and R WING shut off valve (SOV) on.


Check the OP lights (OPen) indicate. 

The fuel values are pressure operated, no refuel pump pressure, no valves open. The open setting on the switch can also "time out" and the valves won't open even when pressure is applied, so watch the panel until the valves indicate open.

The wing tanks will fill, the HL (high level = full) lights will indicate and the fueller will tell you he's done. If you don't have enough fuel, tell him to keep pumping, and this time open the TAIL and AUX valves together (always together - note the white line on the panel between TAIL---AUX indicating they work together.

Again, watch the panel until the valves indicate OP. If you don't have all the open lights on, the fuel balance between aux and tail will be incorrect.


When the fueller finishes this time and you have enough fuel, close the SOVs and switch the fuel switch off.

You cannot defuel in the simulation, it's virtually impossible in the real world outside of maintenance operations.

If you want to help the fueller out, you can work the pump yourself using the menu Challenger 650 \ Ground Services \ Refuel \ Refuel Truck. It's fairly simple, like a fancy gas pump! The pump symbol at the top left of the display indicates the pump is running. Start and Finish are the only buttons you need for basic operation.



But I've still got AUX TANK HEAVY when refuelling on the ground!

Did you land or start refuelling with a significant amount of fuel in the aux tank? You may need to balance the aux and tail fuel when refuelling to keep the aircraft in trim. To do this, ask the fueler to start the pump, on the refuelling panel switch only the TAIL SOV to open and then press and hold the override button. With this button you have great power, but also great responsibility - be very careful! Refuel with the override button pressed until the AUX TANK HEAVY message disappears, then resume normal fuelling if required.


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Hi all,

I still remember from old 767 sim time that there is a prefered sequence for loding different fuel tanks and also a prefered sequenz using fuel in flight from the various tanks. I think ist was wings full, than center an d so on. The reverse when flying.
How is the SOP in the CL650?

Thanks a lot




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Non-persistent mode was not intended for that sort of use. It starts of with enough fuel to go flying, you can add fuel manually using the Refuel Truck 2D screen, but it's not intended for any sort of "serious" flying where a precise fuel load would be required.

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