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Starting the aircraft from cold and dark


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An Expanded Procedures is provided to help you accomplish every action in the Challenger. These Expanded Procedures follow the checklist structure exactly, but have additional guidance on how to accomplish each action.  Follow the first few items on the procedure to get the avionics powered up. Once all the avionics are on the checklist is available on the MFD, and from this point the virtual First Officer will be able to read the checklist to you so you don’t loose your place. The Expanded Procedure guidance is also available as a popup hint for each item.

You can easily ask the First Officer to start the checklist with any key or button bound to the command CL650 \ Checklist \ Confirm checklist item.

Don’t worry about learning every item in the checklist the first time through. Have fun, pick a new system to focus on each time, and soon it will all become natural. When you've got it, disable the hint images and you're on your own!


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