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IXEG 733 cannot initialize.


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Hi guys,

Recently I upgrade my motherboard and CPU, I couldn't initialize the IXEG 737 after re-install. Once I spawned the aircraft the Gizmo64 console and all the screens in aircraft are blinking. also, some red erros appears on Gizmo64 console. My MCP are all messed up so does some other stuffs in the cockpit.

I've downloaded the Gizmo updater and ran the intaller to update my Gizmo, still no luck. 

Could anyone help?







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Thanks for the reply Litjan, I've spent some time trying to find the best control sensitivity for 733, I have all stability augmentation to 0, do you have recommanded control response for pitch and roll? Or what is the control response that feels the most realistic? I'm currently running 85% for both pitch and roll. 

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I recommend stability augmentation to 0 - and the control response at 25%. This means that the response will be fairly linear - the real flightcontrols are completely linear, of course, but they have a much wider travel than our small joysticks, so I think 25% gives us a bit of leeway when making only small adjustments at higher speeds.

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