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TBM900 Crashes Plane 11

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I have enjoyed flying the TBM900 for several months with no problem.  In the past week I have had the program crash while flying.  In a couple instances it was on climb out.  I had two today as I was nearing my destination.  The log file ends with: This application has crashed because of the plugin" TBM900 by Hot Start.  The file log file is attached.  I have done searches in both XPlane and XAviation forums and didn't find a solution.  My computers an iMac running Big Sur.

Since the crash mentioned above I did a short flight, KELM-KROC with no problem.  This morning, 11/20/21, I tried a flight from KARB to KROC and had the program crash.  The log file has the line, TBM900 [except, c:120]: Caught SIGABORT: abort (0x7ff204d292e).  I have attached this file, tbmlogcrash112021.  I searched for sigabort and abort and found nothing to help.

I hope someone can help.




tbmlogcrash.txt tbmlogcrash112021.txt

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