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Saitek/Logitech Panels remapping getting started

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I am trying to get my sim all dialed in using my Saitek panels. I am trying to map everything accurately to my Torqsim SR22TN model. A very nice start was downloading:


However it is work in progress and several actions are not mapped. 

I have the following questions and need some good reading / tutorials:

1) Is there a tutorial out there on how to use datareftool (or similar) to create your configuration?
2) Is there a tutorial that talks about remappable commands, datarefs etc to help me get started?
3) Anyone know where there is a complete list of references for the torqsim model so I can map them to the Saitek panel cmds and datarefs?

I want to get the configuration working as close to my Cirrus SR22TN G2 as possible and would be happy to post the configuration to the community once I am able to complete it.



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Hi JKru,

There aren't any tutorials to my knowledge on the subject. To find all the datarefs and commands, all of our datarefs in the SR2X start with afm/sr/ and all our commands start with afm/sr/cmd. For datarefs, entering afm/sr in the search field should show the whole list using DataRefEditor (or DataRefTool if in DataRefEditor compatibility mode). For commands, they can be browsed through the X-Plane command dialog (for keyboard or joystick) when the SR22 is loaded. They can be found under afm->sr->cmd then the various subcategories below. A description of the command will show there, and if you hover over the description, the full command will show.

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Really appreciate the reply very helpful. I was able to get everything mapped to Saitek panels.

@Coop Do you happen to know if there is a way I can update maps on the MFD with my jepps subscription? (FlyTheSim models used to do this)

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Navigation data uses a different format than what Jeppesen directly provides, we poll our data from the X-Plane main database which can be updated using either Navigraph or Aerosoft navdata (which is much cheaper than the Jeppesen direct stuff). That will update navaids, FIXs, etc. The default Garmin 430s will also use this update for procedures and enroute navigation. If you are using the RealityXP GTNs/GNSs, since these use the Garmin trainer, you can update these using the Jepp DBs, but we aren't able to provide guidance on that procedure.

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