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Hold Brakes Maximum toggling Parking Brake Instead

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On my Honeycomb Alpha flight yoke when I assign Hold Brakes Regular to button 3 it works as expected - but if I assign Hold Brakes Maximum to button 3 then it sets the parking brake instead.

Anyone else having this issue?



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2 hours ago, akatham said:

brakes maximum is x-planeish for parking brake. So it is working as intended.

That doesn't make any sense. IRL if I'm trying to stop an aircraft in a hurry I'll sure as heck be working the toe brakes hard - but I certainly won't be using the parking brake.

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1 hour ago, akatham said:

Thanks. I guess it is what it is; I'm just surprised that it's not possible (apparantly) to have maximum braking effort assigned to a momentary switch in such a way as it applies max braking when I push it and releases the brakes when I release it - without applying the parking brake control. It just seems all kinds of wrong.

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