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TBM900 loadinginterruption x-plane

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It is no longer possible to load my TBM900 in x-plane11.
x-plane11/55 loading interrupts, when choosing TBM900. Before Interruption,
a pop up window with the message "crashreporter" comes up.
[image: image.png]
There are no problems with loading other aircrats.   Can anyone help me?

Best regards

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20 hours ago, tomange said:

Oldflyguy thank you, attached i send you a log file and a crashreport file which i found under Output>rashreports

Log.txt 49.69 kB · 4 downloads crash_report_10_06_2021_15_52_40.rpt 565.55 kB · 0 downloads

Your GPU drivers are very old, and this is almost definitely the problem.  You're running 456.71 Nvidia drivers, and the current drivers are 472.12.  So you are quite considerably behind.

Please update your drivers and test again.

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Looking at the last log file, it's telling me X-Plane has shut down correctly with a clean exit. (See image)

I'm not really sure what is happening, but if it is crashing with a clean exit in the middle of loading the sim, try loading the TBM at a test scenery.  Many developers like to use SCIP, because it's small and has very little scenery, so loading time is fast.  If it loads without problems, then the problem lies with your LOWS scenery.

Try removing the JarDesign Ground Traffic plugin from your LOWS scenery, and if this doesn't work, it might be the scenery itself.  First, try all these steps and then post back results with log files.


Screen Shot 2021-10-09 at 4.54.44 pm.png

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Hi Goran,:)

removing TBM900_reg_out.png was the solution of the loading problem. Actually i am on an IFR Testflight to LOWS .
It works, but i can´t understand, because i flyed the TBM before for 2 Years 

Thanks a lot for your support.

k.r. Gerhard

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It's an unusual thing to happen.  When you have the time, try a reinstall if you like, and see if that fixes it.  If not, you'll know which file to remove.

If you're happy to leave everything as it is now, then that's also fine.

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