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Aircraft difficult to slow down on landing

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It's been a while since I've flown this plane (a few weeks ago, I think) but from what I can remember, the autobrakes do not do a very good job of slowing down the plane. I noticed that with autobrakes 3 and full reverse thrust on a dry runway, the plane feels quite slippery. Even using my joystick trigger for "Hold brakes regular" feels like I'm trying to slow down on ice. Yes, I understand that I will never get the full experience with a measly 3D Pro with a trigger for brakes, however this experience is quite different to other airliners I have flown in the sim. Is it normal? I manually enabled the experimental flight model enabled for the IXEG, if that makes a difference.

If this is normal, is there anything I can do differently? Maybe always pick higher autobrake settings? I would like to use manual brakes more often but unfortunately my hardware options are limited at the moment :)


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Hi Lerno1,

we are using the default autobrake system for the 737 - it is very close, but not completely the same as the real logic. Especially the fact that it can be disarmed by accident very quickly and will not engage unless all wheels are on the ground.

So if you feel that the autobrake is not working well enough for you (I checked deceleration values against the real 737 autobrake, and they are very accurate) make sure that the autobrake is really working. You can check by displaying the DATA OUT values for "gear and brakes".

Another possibility is that you set the runway to be "wet" in the environmental setup by accident...and then have temperatures set to below freezing which will in fact turn the we runway to an icy one with very bad braking coefficients.

Cheers, Jan


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Hi Jan, thanks for your reply! I'll definitely have a look with the data output in XP next time. As for environmental setup, I had ASXP controlling it with real weather and I felt like the braking action was poor more than once. Difficult to judge the performance based on that alone so I'll definitely give it another shot. Loving the plane by the way, despite the shortcomings!

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