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Videos from IXEG 737 pdf tutorials unavailable

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Hi everyone,

I'm getting back to flying after a few months away on "medical leave", and getting back in the groove learning the 737.

Jan's wonderful 737 pdf tutorials that came with the plane and the imbedded (in the pdf) video tutorial links have, in the past year, been indispensable for me in that process. In getting back into them this week, I sadly discovered that when I click on the youtube link in the pdf's, a blank youtube page loads that says "Video Unavailable" "This video is private".  

I hope there is still a way we 737 wannabe pilots can somehow access them. It was like Jan was right there in the cockpit with me as a personal flight instructor.

Any help, solutions, or suggestions would be much appreciated. I sure hope access to them is not "No longer available" for us. They were most helpful.




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Hi there,

I just checked - you are right, I can´t call the up, either... I will try to find out why that is!

Welcome back to flying the 737,


Edit: In the meantime, here are some more videos I made about our 737, like what the "recent" updates brought and also some further system explanations...



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Hi Jan,

Thanks very much for the fast response and the welcome back. I guess I'm somewhat comforted that the problem wasn't just on my end. Hope you are able to solve it without too mush hassle. I know myself and, I'm sure, lots of other people will be relieved to have them available again, hopefully.

Thanks for the head-up on the other videos. I have been aware of them and watching them for a while.

Having you, of all people, respond to my 737 dilemma was kind of like having Paul McCartney respond to me on suggestions for a major repair I need to do on my Hofner bass guitar.  : )  LOL  And, no, that did not happen, unfortunately.  : (

Hope to have you teaching me in the cockpit again soon.

Best regards,

Rich V

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