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Request - a separate window for FMC in VR mode.


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Request noted...although I am against it somewhat for the same reason I don´t like pop-out windows in general. The ultimate goal of our aircraft is to simulate the operation of a 737, including the "not so convenient" things.

I acknowledge that current headsets and VR controllers do not lend themselves to viewing/operating a small CDU screen with it´s keyboard, but I hope that the next generation of hardware will be more suitable for it.

Cheers, Jan


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In general, I don't like popups either. However, in the case of an FMC, this would facilitate data entry.
Now, I keep hitting the desk or throttle (Honeycom Bravo) when handling FMC in VR.
And setting up the FMC with a laser beam is a torment  ;-) .

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