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Kind of a newbie needs help

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I was using xplane 11 on a 2012 iMac . The system crashed about a month ago and ended up buying a windows computer 1/2 the price . I was away from xplane for about 8-10 months . I started again and downloaded the ixeg737 from the site and when I try and start the plane up with engine running I get this Message. There was a minor problem Parsing the vrconfig. I don’t know what it means and when I google it says that I need an update ( but just downloaded it or to activate it , but it doesn’t ask me for serial number or email etc . 

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Hmm - are you running the latest version of the IXEG 737? It is 1.33 - and a lot was done in the latest version to improve the VR experience. If you do run the latest version, please attach your log.txt file (found in the root X-Plane folder) here and I can take a look what X-Plane is complaining about with regard to the VRconfig file.

Thanks, Jan


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6 hours ago, sensfan2014 said:

I thought when I download from the site again, I would automatically get the most recent  version.

Yes, that should be the case.

Let´s take a look at the log.txt, then - it should show what part of the vrconfig.txt is creating a problem in your case.

Cheers, Jan


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