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Three simple questions (strange flap "pawls" and 2 other questions) ;-)

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1) why are there such strange "pawls" in the Flap "1" and "15" positions? And what are they for  ?


2) is there no "voice" in 733 saying: "V1", "Vr" etc during take off ???

3) or is it just me, but in VR it is not possible to use checklists (pulled from the top of the cockpit), even though the controller's action field is active (green)?


Thanks for explanation  :)

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1.) These are "special" detents - when you fly a go-around, you will retract your flaps to 15 for a normal approach and to 1 for a single-engine approach. The gates make it impossible to move the levers past these detents "by accident". A safety feature.

2.) There is - but you need a second crew member in the cockpit to say it (just like in real life). There is no automatic callout. Maybe ask your wife, or your brother... ;-)

3.) That is correct - we are thinking about implementing something for the avitab that allows reading the checklist (you can also manually add that .png into the avitab folder and access it there).

Cheers, Jan


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