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Automatic Display of G1000 PFD and MFD on new Flight?

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When I start a new flight with the SR22, I have to manually start the RSG G1000 PFD and MFD, and then pop them out, and then move them to the RSG monitors.  This is irritating!  Is there a way to have the PFD and MFD startup automatically?  I don't see why this needs to be a manual process.

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Easy, go to  ->   Aircraft\X-Aviation\SR22 Series\TorqueSim SR22\plugins\sr_systems\settings (and SR22TN to do the same)
(I didn't find anything at the RSG site about new popup script for this. However you could set your RSG monitors to be 2D monitors instead of unused monitors in xplane and it should pop them out automajically as well) I don't do this part as there is a bleed through issue with flying the stock C172, B58 etc.

In there is a popsups.cfg you can edit

change the following to pop out each one with no bezel. Mine fit perfectly once I did a few small tweaks!

mfd_nbzl_popup_at_start = 0 to be a 1
pfd_nbzl_popup_at_start = 0 to be a 1

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1 hour ago, MasterDiver69 said:

Thanks.  This seems to be the issue.  I checked both folders and there is no popsups.cfg file.  I don't know why.  I did a fresh install of the X-Aviation plane.  Did you create the file yourself?  If not, do you know where I can get the popsups.cfg file?  Thanks!

No CFG File.jpg

Can you share your log.txt file?

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17 hours ago, MasterDiver69 said:

Here is the log file.  thanks!

Log.txt 1.34 MB · 3 downloads

It looks like its just not there, since there hasn't been any manual changes to generate a file. Attached is a file you can drop in that folder so you can mess with the settings without needing to trigger a file generation event.


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