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flickering in VR

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dears, i have a HP reverb G2 and tried the Pocket rocket in VR. 

i have strange flickering all over, especially when i turn my head.   issue is, i see this only in the pocket rocket, no other aircraft, not in the Aerobask lancair, default aircrafts, hmb sr22 etc

any setting wrong ?Log -pocketrocket.txt  related to vulkan ? but why only in the pocket rocket.

PC is AMD 6900 XT, i5-8600k, 16 Gig Ram, scenery Aipilotx uhd with x-europe. log attached if needed.

many thanks Franz


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Hi Franz,

This is a bug with the AMD graphics card drivers and multi-threaded rendering when running with Vulkan. There supposedly have been improvements with the latest drivers, those would be worth checking to see if there is an update, otherwise running X-Plane not in Vulkan mode should prevent the flickering of the screens in VR.

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Unfortunately still the same with current up to date driver AMD  21.9.2, flickering in VR with the pocket rocket (fine without VR).

have found that when i remove acfutils.dll from plugins folder of PR aircraft, then flickering in VR  is gone !  


  • what does this dll do, will PR be impacted when i remove it ? 
  • why do i have flickering only with the pocket Rocket, with no other aircraft.  Not with default LR, not with Aerobask Lancair Legacy, TMB900 operates allright in VR.   is noone else using this DLL / API ?  why a vulcan issue when all other aircrafts are smooth.  If i report to AMD how to prove is on their side. without details i do not think they will accept the bug.
  • any setting or update for the DLL available ?

many thanks Franz


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acfutils.dll is a dependency of our plugin. Our plugin (and thus all custom aircraft functions) just won't load if this file isn't there. I'm not sure why it isn't affecting your other aircraft, it is an odd AMD bug. This has already been reported to their driver team.

The best course of action would be to not run with Vulkan if you can't get any success when running with the latest AMD drivers.

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thanks dears.

yes does not work without the dll, tried only loading the aircraft cold and dark. 

OpenGL is an option but in VR gives me very low framerate, would need to turn down graphic setting a lot.

last question:  do you use this API also on other project like the SR22 ? or only in the PR.


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