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G5 Installation on Carenado`s PA46

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I`ve run the G5 Installer and it seems that the G5 is installed on my PA46 from Carenado. But not in the correct position, correct size, etc.. How can I adjust the device settings now. Installation Manual is not clear (for me).

And yes, I have the installation instruction, etc. but sorry, hard to read for me

regards & thanks in advance


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The values you will want to adjust are g5_x_a and g5_y_a to adjust the location of the PFD on the panel texture. These are coordinates in x and y. For the MFD, adjust the same, just the _b variety of the same.

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1 step further ...
I can see now the G5 PFD (that is the only instrument I need, don`t need the HSI) in a popup window, but not integrated in the panel. When clicking on the PA46 Panel, Popoup window goes behind the Panel Window.
Attached please find the .cfg file which is in the following root of my X-Plane Installation:


Also attached please find a picture of how it looks like wit this .cfg file. You can see that the G5 is also in different parts of the Panel ...

again: thanks a million for your support here ... highly appreciate it!


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