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[XPLANE 10] No activation window

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Hello, I have installed the IXEG several times on this laptop running xp10. I am a university student so I usually format my SSD after each year. When I did a clean install of xp10 and the IXEG 737 this time I see no x-aviation activation window which has never happened in the past. All I am able to do is move around the virtual cockpit and not activate the airplane. It also looks like Gizmo isnt in my plugins list,

I have tried

1. Reinstalling both xp10 and the IXEG 737

2. reinstalling gizmo

3. Turning off firewall

4.granting read/write perms to the xp10 folder

Other threads on this matter mentioned moving the xplane folder to desktop however that is where I have my xp10 currently installed. I also have nothing in the X-Aviation folder in the xp10 directory other than the uninstaller.

I do realise that this isnt a bug report however I did not know where to put this thread for support.

Many thanks!

Screenshot 2021-07-05 130643.png

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