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mmmm.. ther's something strange here...

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Hi guys, hi Litjan.

First of all, I like this plane.


When I bought it from X-Aviation (with Mike Ray's 737 Classic Pilot Handbook), I did it mostly for the following features:

The X-Aviation Take Command! brand for products represents the very best of flight simulation immersion, and assures you this IXEG product is one of the most sophisticated, study sim level aircraft available for X-Plane.....

Highlighted Features

  • Detailed exterior 3D model
  • Highly accurate landing gear and flaps animation
  • Realistic exterior and interior lighting effects (HDR required to see the full beauty)
  • Animated 3D pilots
  • Several liveries to choose from
  • Different variants sported (winglets and cockpit instrumentation)
  • System simulation without limits – if it´s in the cockpit, it´s working as in the real plane
  • Accurate 3D cockpit with life-like texturing and weathering effects
  • Custom tuned flight model – lift, drag, thrust, ground-effect, ground model
  • Realistic performance values – it is possible to plan flights with official charts
  • Flight-management-system with dual CDU operation
  • LNAV and VNAV including official procedures, restrictions

and so on.....

Now, bugs aside (.... and.. considering the first release date they should have already been addressed in 2021...) I've read more "recently" answers from Ljtian, like this:

- Missing: "Pilot entered HOLDS. While we have database-inherent holds (like at the end of a missed approach), we won´t feature the HOLD page where you could enter all sorts of HOLDS. Omitted due to time constraints..."
- Missing: "Entering descent wind forecast (normal wind entry on PERF INIT page possible)"
- Missing: "Display of "RTE DATA" on EHSI/map, i.e. showing ETA and restrictions next to waypoint. You can see that on the LEGS page, for now. Omitted due to time constraints"
- Missing: "Fully working PROGRESS page - we started to code it, but much of the things shown are placeholders."
- Missing: "Full VNAV functionality for descents with speed and/or altitude restrictions. The FMS gets confused by changing the cruising altitude while enroute and multiple descent restrictions and restrictions of a certain type", and "VNAV descents are considered to be WIP";
- Missing: "Operating circuit breaker (CB)";
- Missing: "Volume control for radios/navaid ident checking. We have implemented a better volume (more loud), but it can not be adjusted yet".

And, delicious, finally: "I encourage you to hold off on purchase until we added your feature in a later patch. I could make a feature list of things we have that would take you hours to read, but instead you can assume that our plane can do everything that the real one does, except for the things noted above".

So, Jan (or Litjan), what about "System simulation without limits – if it´s in the cockpit, it´s working as in the real plane"?
FMC is in the cockpit but it doesn't work as in real plane due to missing or bugged features!
CB are in the cockpit, but are INOP...!

LNAV and VNAV including official procedures, restrictions. NO, I can't follow it cause missing or bugged features!

.. and so on...

How can it be a "study sim level aircraft" with all of these missing features???

And, regard to "I encourage you to hold off on purchase until we added your feature in a later patch", you must write it on X-Aviation store, not only on the forum! I've not bought from the forum!

So, the description in the store page doesn't match the product! And this is very serius!





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There are plenty of posts for you to go by here.

The product page, descriptions, and more have been in place since the beginning. You had 5 years of reviews and data to judge your purchase by (and I'm sure you did your research given your post). I'm sorry if you misunderstood some marketing.

There's no point in a topic like this. Closed.

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