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General Aviation - TorqueSim BN-2T Turbine Islander Props Pack

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TorqueSim BN-2T Turbine Islander Props Pack

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By request, here's the 4 bladed and MT props adapted for the BN-2T.

All necessary textures are included in the pack, as are the appropriate prop blurs for the MT propellers.


1. Make a backup of props_2t.obj, props_2t_ALB.png, props_2t_NRM.png, and deice_boots_2t.obj.
2. Copy the files from either the 4-bladed or 5-bladed folders to the Turbine Islander's objects folder.
3. If you use the 5-bladed MT props, copy the files from to_main_folder. Don't forget to backup the BN-2T Islander G5_prop.png and BN-2T Islander_prop.png textures first!

Because all three possible variants use their own textures in the object folder you don't need to worry about overwriting anything there. Keep backups regardless, but the switching around here should be a lot easier.


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