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Removing G1000 Pop Out Bezels

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Hi fellow Simmers!

I have the G1000 PFD/MFD EMUTEQ hardware devices from UK....must be the only one without RealSimGear!!!

I would like to pop-out G1000 windows without bezels (place on EMUTEQ G1000 hardware screens). I see in the manual and in forum, you can select this in Xplane11 on top window -'Cirrus SR22TN G1000, Toggle G1000MFD/PFD w/o Bezel'.

However, when I select 'Cirrus SR22TN G1000' the only options available in drop down are: Toggle Aircraft Window, Toggle Electrical Window, Toggle Engine Window. There are no options in xplane 'Plugins' drop down menu either..

Has the ability to remove Bezels been removed if you don't own RealSimGear hardware?

Installed, 1.2.0 SR22, Xplane11.53 

Regards Chris 

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Hi Chris,

The menu options only show with RSG hardware. The keyboard commands are still available and can be bound to a keyboard shortcut or joystick key. The window popup commands can be found under afm -> sr -> cmd -> popup (make sure the SR22 is loaded when browsing)

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