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t is a payware for the airplane,

for buy the airplane: https://sellfy.com/p/gf5J

but the flight manual user is free download. (file download )

Release V2
addition of radar signal,
graphical interface improvement

P-30 Northrop Grumman Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing "

Fully animated 3D exterior model:
 flight controls,
Thrust vectors .
Easy transitions between vertical and conventional flight modes
Weapon bay door opening matches selected weapon
Fully animated 3d interior cockpit model:
stick, throttle, rudder pedals, switches.
Ejection seat.
Multiple liveries available on the X-Plane.org freeware download manager.

VR possible
SASL plug-in driven avionics and automated systems
Default auto tilt, auto trim and auto flap control options can be switched off for full manual control if desired
Flight manual user
Texture 4K
1 models.
Nav light selection
Garmin 1000.
Pilot automatic.
Engine systems.
Complet NAV system
·         Optimized xp 11
·         X-Plane 11.30+ (not compatible with X-Plane 10)
·         Windows, Mac or Linux
·         2Gb+ VRAM Video Card, 4Gb is better.

P-30 is a new project different from what currently exists.
The plane has the wings reversed in the direction of advance, technique very difficult to carry out, because of the enormous stresses on the wings in supersonic mode.
But today with composite materials, this has become possible.
The 1980s Grumman X-29 (1984 to 1991 for the last flight) was designed to explore this promising technique.

 It's been 40 years already.
The plane was a success, but I do not know the reasons for its abandonment.
The X-29 clearly inspired this P30. This is the reason why its name is:

 Northrop Grumman P30.

The sukhoi su-47 uses the same principles, but later, in 1997.
Airplane also abandoned.

For the pleasure of making and flying this P-30 aircraft, it is also vertical takeoff, with orientable thrust vectors.

Link wikipedia source










P-30 MANUAL.pdf 1.97 MB · 1 download

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