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TBM CTD always mid-flight on MacBook Pro

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It may be a memory issue, but in all likelihood, it is not caused by the TBM.  The reason I know this, is because I also run X-Plane on a MacBook Pro, and I don't have this kind of crash.

Could you post a log.txt that is generated after the crash.

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You have quite a lot of plugins running, and some are very likely not compatible (Marginals ground traffic being one of them).  

I'll need you to try from the bottom to figure out which one is causing the problem.  But before you do that, if you are running in full screen mode, change to windowed mode and see if the crashes stop.  This is something on AMD's end, and not something we can fix.  

If this doesn't work, proceed with the next steps.

Can you install a second copy of X-Plane, with no scenery, and just the TBM.

This will very likely work without issue.  Then start adding plugins one at a time until a crash happens.

Report back when the crash happens and we can take it from there.


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Traffic might be another issue.  If it happens again, try it without traffic.  I think there's a setting in your traffic plugin where you can disable visual traffic, but still get TCAS traffic.

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