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Can't retard throttles after A/T disconnect

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Hi there,

I am having an issue when landing - after I disconnect the auto throttle, the throttles seem to become stuck and I cannot move them to idle with my joystick when performing a flare, meaning the aircraft hits the runway and massively over speeds

Any ideas why this might be happening?

Thank you

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after you disconnect the autothrottle you must "regain control" of them by moving your joystick throttle until the "ghost image throttles" match the position of the throttle indicator. At that point you can see the 3D throttles in the cockpit move again.

Do this in time before touchdown - normally the pilot should not fly manually with the autothrottle still in control. We say "Manual flight = manual throttle!"

If you leave the autopilot engaged during landing, it will automatically enter the "RETARD" mode at 27feet - even while in manual flight. 2 seconds after touchdown it will disarm automatically - but this procedure is only recommended for automatic landings with both autopilots engaged.

Cheers, Jan


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50 minutes ago, bobcat_smith said:

it's great and a lot of fun

Great to hear that, thanks for the feedback!

If you can´t see the "ghost throttles" (move hardware throttle rapidly to trigger them), make sure you don´t have that feature turned off by accident in the preferences menu (bump left screen to access it).

Cheers, Jan


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