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Bug Report: MFD : unable to display Map after entering CHKLIST menu

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I am unable to get out of the CHKLIST menu in G1000. Upon attempting to exit the CHKLIST menu by pressing RETURN (screenshot #1), I'm presented with a menu (screenshot #2) that does not respond to FMS inputs. After about 3 seconds the entire menu disappears and the only softkey option presented is CHKLIST. If I press and hold CLR, SYSTEM and SHW CHRT softkey options appear momentarily (screenshot #3) but disappear as soon as I release CLR leaving CHKLIST as the only softkey option...






Addt'l notes: Re-installing TBM 900 resolves the issue UNTIL I attempt to use G1000's checklists again. Once in CHKLIST menu, the exact same issue occurs. Clearly a BUG that needs to be addressed by developers ASAP.



UPDATE (4/26/21): found https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/14717-solved-mfd-showing-no-map/ In my case, the issue seems to have been caused by the AVIONICS switch being set to OFF on my Logitech Pro Flight Switch Panel. 




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I've seen similar behaviors with the G1000. Sometimes, the keys are actually there and active but not labeled, and clicking on where it is supposed to be works. Sometimes just clicking back and forth on things brings it back. I'm still trying to get my question answered about the fuel totalizer buttons, which don't seem to exist, but can't even get an answer if they are supposed to be there or not. I've been told by developers that G1000 problems are Xplane and not them, without even attempting to point me in the right direction. Support for multiple questions on this plane has been disappointing, and not a single question has been answered in any useful way. Am never getting another plane from these developers.

Good luck

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