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GPU Dataref

Richard Wallis

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The 1.6 update is much appreciated. Its now my favourite x-plane aircraft again. It is great for us nerds that you make so many commands directly and comprehensively available from the X-plane menus and others can be easily found using datareftool. I know cocpkit builders are a pain in the ****!

Looking to eliminate screen/mouse inputs as far as possible. One item so far niggling my new build:-

I have been unable to override LES/saab/gpu/power_available to toggle the GPU on and off directly (not via the GUI) , but rather by direct user interface to the variable. Other ground objects can be written.  Am I correct that this is the current functionality and if so are you aware of any workaround?





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12 minutes ago, birdy.dma said:

Hi JGregory. 

So, probably the end of shared cockpit.

I don't use or even own that software so I can't really comment.  However, in Saab v1.6.x all manipulators (except for some levers) are non-writeable. And all of them have associated commands, which is the right way to interact with the cockpit.  So, if shared cockpit is working now then you should be fine.  

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