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I am very disappointed :(, I have a lot of problem that does not allow me to use the plane

My config : iMac i9900K - 32Go RAM - Vega48 8go - x-plane 11.52 withe metal

My problems:

1. A very loud weird sound every time i use a command from the yoke, the saitek switch panel or bravo quadrant. 

2. the front wheel does not turn with the rudder pedals. I have to use the right or left toe brake to turn on taxi way

3. I can't manually start engine. The propeller turns but the engine does not start. I followed the engine starting procedure (fuel tank ok, fuel pump ok, ...)


It's a first time i have those problems. I use BN2 Islander and TBM900 without problem


Thanks for your help


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1. What command are you trying to manipulate with the joystick? 

2. It is castor steering. We do not have a fake fix for this real world practice. You must use rudder pedals or must set brakes to your keyboard to work the differential braking. 

3. The engine code is very complex and requires it to be operated to a T, by the book. If any process in the procedure was missed it wont start. Sometimes you have to hold the starter for longer, and if you flood the engine, well you have to do a hot start to unflood it. It is a very realistic unforgiving engine. 

My process in starting the engine is this:
If engine is cold and not flooded...

Mixture full forward, throttle full forward, Boost pump on forward, wait until you hear the fuel flow (pump gets audibly louder) then once you hear the change retard the throttle to idle, boost pump to Prime to 2 complete seconds, boost pump full forward again to on, crack the throttle slightly, hold the key to start, if it doesnt come right up then work the throttle back and forth as you hold the key, this will help get more fuel into the cylinders. Sometimes it takes 10 or so seconds to start depending on the weather and engine condition. 

Hope this helps!


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Thanks a lot

1. I have attached a file. The sound appears at each press of a button of the yoke or bravo quandrant (2s from the file and after). the sound looks like a vibration

2. OK, i use the left and right toe break, not the yaw pedal of my saitek rudder pedals :huh:

3. Ok, i start engine after 15s after work the throttle back and forth as you hold the key :)


weird sound.m4a

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11 hours ago, Attitude said:

I don't have this issue with my hardware but I am seeing reports of hardware either not playing sounds or like yours playing the knob sound. I will look into this. Thank you for your patience. 

After testing the sound appears in these cases :

- Always weird sound on buttons that are not assigned (do nothing) or assigned to a specific command with lua script (create_command). There are no weird sound if I assign a "xplane"command (not a lua create_command) from the "joystick preferences" of the X-PLANE menu

- For Bravo Quadrant, always weird sound if i assign command with Honeycomb-configurator. There is no weird sound if I assign a "xplane"command (not a lua create_command) from the "joystick preferences" of the X-PLANE menu 

- For Saitek Switch Panel, there is always a weird sound if I assign a command in xsaitekpanels.ini. There is no weird sound if I use dataref

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I'm not disappointed. This is most exciting and best release that I've ever seen for XP. But I only fly GA planes in XP. Real-world SR22 Avidyne owner though and I think this plane is fantastic. I'm so thankful to you guys to do something so good at such a great price.

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