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FPS Problem - High and Low and CTD

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The aircraft looks very nice but my FPS drop from 8/7 then go back to 30 and then again very low and CTD !

I have a Nitro - I5 10e Gen - 16G ram - GTX1650 4gb - I can use complex aircraft in Xplane11 without any problems and 30fps all the time.

What should I do???

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Is it just the CTD at quit you are talking about? That we are working on.

Regarding performance, your X-Plane settings are very high compared to your specs, I would recommend trying to turn them down.

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No the last time it was when leaving X-plane but the first time I was flying.

I lowered my settings, get 60fps.

Outside view no problem 

Inside from 60 to 12/15 but able to fly even if it went to low fps for 2/3 seconds it is annoying. 

Something is wrong inside the cockpit.

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Oh, that sounds like this is just that you are running out of VRAM, with texture quality at Maximum and only 4GB of VRAM, that is quite easy to do. Turning that down should help.

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This is what I have done - Lowered to

High that is why I got 60fps.

I am flying right now FL140 - no specific clouds or what so ever, and it 

continue to go down from time to time specifically when I move the view inside the cockpit. Seems like the Avidyne is very hungry. 

That is flyable but I am bit frustrated.

As an example I run the Phenom 300 from Aerobask at 30fps without any issues. 


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I just finished my flight. Quite ok with the FPS. Small freezing.

It is a super aircraft, congratulations, you made a very “VERY” nice job.

It is the best GA aircraft for Xplane11 so far. A must to have. (even if my issue is a bit frustrated)



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