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AIRAC/Navdata out of date


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I'm happy flying my Saab, but everytime I start it I see this:



I'm Navigraph subscriber and this is how my FMS looks like:



What's wrong?? I tried to search for answer but didn't find any. This is how my custm data looks like:


And for the record my best landing few days ago, I simply love this plane and the pic. Everything was correct, long 10nm approach, flying manual.


All info appreciated!!


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I thought that too, but FMS includes also 11.5 Xplane default GPS and as you can see, it should be up to date.


My cycle_info says:

AIRAC cycle    : 2102
Version        : 1
Valid (from/to): 25/FEB/2021 - 25/MAR/2021


Still Saab's GPS expires 2020...

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I bought my xplane when the version was 11.50, now it's 11.52. Also my first Saab-version is 1.6 (now 1.6.3) so I shouldn't have any "historic burden". I have a Zibo 737 installed, I think it's supposed to use same Xplane navdata, I'll try to find out what it's reporting (I'm mid air with Saab at the moment).

PS. I simply love this airplane and I want everything to be perfect with it :)

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Like you, I have the same welcome screen with the GS 530 and I use Navigraph AIRACS 2102.

I think the welcome screen is a frozen image but the GS530 uses the AIRACS Navigraph if they have been installed correctly (for you it's OK). The test: look for the LFKJ - RNP RWY 20 approach if it is present you have the latest AIRACS.

NB: this approach appeared a few months ago in the Navigraph database.



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Is using the default data, XP11/resources/default data which is June 2020, you can copy and paste the current CIFP folder from custom data and the following earth files located in the custom data root, awy, fix, hold, mora, msa and nav. LEAVE the existing earth_astro in place within the DEFAULT data. As always back up existing files.

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