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Saab 340 Flight Operations Manual


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I don’t know the where it sits on the copywrite scale, so I’ll just say if you where to submit 340A AOM to google, you may find a pdf of what you seek.

otherwise AOM - Systems, AFM - mostly performance charts.

Just be careful you buy the one you actually want.

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eFlight Manuals contacted me and said that the printed manual is not available at this time and that they would make the download (.pdf) available to me, or give me my money back.

I told them that I would take the download as long as there is no restrictions on it.  They told me that it is an unrestricted .pdf file, so I'm going to take it to my local photocopy shop and have them print it as a bound book with print on both sides of the pages just like the manual would be. It's all black and white, so it shouldn't be that costly to print.

I downloaded the Saab 340A AFM (.pdf file) this afternoon and it is a complete and very clear and sharp lettered book.  It looks like everything I would want to know about the 340A is in this manual. The manual is 469 pages. It has emergency procedures as well as normal procedures.

If you enjoy flying the Saab 340A, as much as I do, I believe this manual is a good value.

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Good to hear.

I took short look of supposed A340A manual on a well-known text sharing site. In the beginning it looked like A340A AFM but after some pages it turned out to be A340B one, so some kind of strange mix. Thought that better spend time (and money) with something more authentic.

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