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Frame rates are horrible


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@jason74SMP/RWC may have that performance cost if you are using the new volumetric (not sure if that is the correct term) cloud art / high AA settings and/or a high res monitor.  Have you tried 1 - the fast cumulus setting?  2 - turning down AA?  SMP settings are completely adjustable and this app runs just fine on my creaky old rig.  It could be you just have a lot settings - SMP and XP graphics - too high.  Post a log.txt if you will so the experts (not me) here in the community are able to offer assistance.

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Try the new 5.1.0 release; it should improve performance with the non-volumetric cloud types. If you want to use volumetric, adjusting your anti-aliasing settings is probably the best way to improve their performance. If you are using a super-sampled AA approach, it multiplies the number of pixel fragments we have to compute for volumetric clouds, and multiplies how much time it takes to draw them as a result.

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