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T34C & Mac M1 Mini, Big Sur OS

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So Far all my X-Aviation craft will install into new M1 Mac system.  Except, Just purchased  "T34C Mentor", & it seems to have a different OS X Installer program..  I can not use it on my Mac M1 platform.  Installer will not open.  I have given Os all permissions.  no Luck...  An unusable purchase, tho advertised to operate with Mac ??

Any ideas ?


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My suspicion would be that, as this is a very old product - originally written for X-Plane 9, I think - the installer is still 32-bit, which Big Sur won't run, even on an Intel Mac.

Rosetta 2 just won't deal with it on the M1. 

As the sales of this are probably very small, maybe Cameron forgot (or didn't bother) to redo the installer in 64 bit.  Of course, that's just a guess, and there may be another reason altogether!

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