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Alarm cabine pressure. Saab 340 v 1.6.1


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I think....from my fading memory....that the HP valves by default when you load in at your departure airport, are in the AUTO position, and should be left there.  The bleeds get reset twice on the checlist....once before engine start, and again after engine start.  Three times if'n you turn the bleeds off for departure when you need every drop of power.  That's where I'd start looking.

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In his picture, they are in off, also, you usually shut them down on the ground to put less stress on the engines and they are to be set to off before engine shutdown. So them being off on loading seems possible. They are supposed to be off before engine start anyway.

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That last picture markup is everything in the exact opposite of where they need to be.
You're commanding a max rate depressurisation.

Rate has a white detent mark at the 500fpm mark, think it defaults to it, its almost fully left.
Auto in auto.
Manual outflow valve fully closed to the left.
Outside of that just LP Bleed valves reset then auto.


Oxygen lever only opens the shutoff valve to the crew oxy masks, has no impact on the pressurisation system.

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I made a flight today everything went well at 19000 feet without alarm leaving everything in automatic? i don't know what i did but it works.
I think there is a method to do when starting the plane. I will refer to the checklist.
thank you to all of you
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