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Marker sound and FSE problems

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Problem nr. 1: OMI Marker

Hi guys, is there any way to turn ON blink and sound for OMI marker? If I click on MKR/MUTE button, the light doesn't turn on, nothing happens (see attachment) and I never hear sound.

Problem nr.2: FSE Override always ON

I have always to manually switch FSE override to OFF, but I have not FSE installed. I only have some REP plane addons with their standalone economy mode.

Thank you.





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Regarding Marker, I'll file that and take a look to see if there is something off there. 

Regarding FSE mode, it sounds like for some reason (perhaps a folder being accidentally marked read-only by the OS?) the settings file isn't able to save the changes you make. Can you take a look at X-Plane 11/Aircraft/***SR2X Folder In Use (SR20, SR22, SR22TN)/plugins/sr_systems/settings/settings.cfg
The line fse_override in that file sets the position of that switch. You can also go into the properties of that file by right clicking, and making sure it isn't set to "read-only"

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