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My Saab 340 V 1.6 doesn´t function Vr Conf message

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Hy...I install my Saab 340 1.6 version. The copckit appears but nothing happens..I mean, I don´t have switch functions, the airplane is just an image...I can´t do any thing with my plane..Also, a message appears in the right upper corner of the screen telling me that the airplane has a problem with the vrconf and that I must check the vrconf. txt.

What can I do to fix that problem ? 

Thanks so much I somebody can help me..

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Reinstall the Saab and disable any anti virus programs you might have running.  Some anti virus programs read Gizmo as a virus.  I can assure you, this is a false positive and there is no risk to your computer.

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Hy, Goran, bad news..I did it but It doesn´t work..

Three things :

  1. Gizmo is installed in my Plug in menu.
  2. I´m running my X-plane in a Mac Compu, High Sierra Version.
  3. I deactivate the Firewall on my Compu.
  4. I don´t have anti-virus activated on my Compu.

I include the message that appears in my screen when I choose the Saab,1665474734_Capturadepantalla2021-02-23ala(s)10_33_05a.m..png.4c59370b437daab98d49c03f496321cb.png

Where else could be the problem located ? Thanks in advance, 

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Ok, I´ll follow your advise..Just one additional comment : Some airports downloaded by the X-Plane.org page were rejected by the x-plane program..I mean, when I´m flying close to one of those airports, the x-plane notify me and put me off the simulator. Could be it due to the old Operating System ?

Thanks Goran, you´re so Kind..

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Hy Goran, good morning...I´ll did what you recommend me, (that´s why I don´t answer you yesterday..) but sadly nothing happen...And one additional Issue : I open the my X-Aviation 737 and surprise, the same thing happens..Also the same message and an inoperative airplane... So, now the problem is with both X-Aviation airplanes...Is a common problem to the x-aviation files...

So: Im including the Gizmo algorithm and the initial Vrconf file extracted from the Saab and a picture of the upper side of the VR Config file  : Please take at them look at them just to see if the conf is ok..

Thanks Goran, I´ll appreciate any good advise you can i


Captura de pantalla 2021-02-24 a la(s) 5.52.20 a. m..png

Captura de pantalla 2021-02-24 a la(s) 6.00.49 a. m..png

Captura de pantalla 2021-02-24 a la(s) 6.12.33 a. m..png

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Goran, looking at the log.text file (as the message that appears when I open the aircraft tells me..), look what I found...: "There was a problem starting Gizmo. Please re-install the plugin". I´ll will do it to look what happen...

Captura de pantalla 2021-02-24 a la(s) 6.24.21 a. m..png

Captura de pantalla 2021-02-24 a la(s) 6.18.40 a. m..png

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You seem to have an old version of Gizmo installed.

Please stop messing around, let the Saab installer do it's job. Do not swap the plugins around when it's finished.

If you need further help post a complete copy of Log.txt from your X-Plane folder. Screenshots and small slices of the Log.txt are not useful.

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Hy Mr. Rusell..Thanks for your post...Answering, let´s see :

  • I have the Gizmo 64 installed
  • I reinstall the Saab and nothing happen. The problem is still there...
  • Can you help me to solve this issue, who always affect my x-aviation 737 ? 
  • Which of my files do you need in order to send them to you ?

I´ll appreciate you help.

Best Regards,

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17 hours ago, Gregore said:

Thanks a lot Ben. I´ll send it to your e-mail in a few minutes.



Thanks for the email Greg. I received your Log.txt file and read it.

The new version of Gizmo that the saab has installed isn't working for you because you're running an older version of macOS.


You have the following choices..

1. Upgrade your macOS version..

2. Wait for an update to Gizmo that hopefully works on your older version of macOS. (It might not, I don't have an older mac to test with..)


3. Delete the new version of Gizmo64.plugin from your plugins folder. Rename "Gizmo64 2.plugin" in your plugins folder to Gizmo64.plugin so that it can work correctly.

If you use option 3 you will be able to continue using any other products that rely on Gizmo64 being installed.


Thanks for your patience.

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Hy, Ben, good morning..Good news...I choose your option # 3 and done...I recovered my SAAB 340...Thanks a lot..

Any way, I´ll update my OS Op. System, but not today because I need to fly a lot...:D

But something strange happens : I tried with the 373, I redownload it from x-aviation but when I open it the cockpit shows me a lot of mistakes...And also delete the menu from the SAAB:wacko: (affect it :angry:), so what i did was to delete the 737 from my Airplanes Menu and reinstall de SAAB..Any way, after reinstall it, the SAAB works perfect..:)

So, thanks again Ben..I´ll let you know any future issue...

Best Regards,

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