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Cannot Get Steering Tiller To Work


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I am using the Saab 340A version 1.6

I have mapped a key to engage the steering tiller and I have a joystick twist axis mapped through X-Plane options to the steering tiller, but it does not work at all.  It doesn't matter if the tiller is down (engaged) or up (disengaged), my joystick axis mapping to the nose wheel tiller will not work.  I can't fly this because I can't steer it on the ground.

I tried mapping a key to turn left and another to turn right.  They will turn the tiller, but I have to keep tapping them over and over. It is impossible to control.

I would appreciate any help.

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31 minutes ago, Goran_M said:

Here's a steering checklist for you.

Engines running.  

Hydraulic pressure.  

Steering tiller pushed in.

Aircraft moving under ground idle.

I'm using an X52 Saitek stick with a twist axis, and it's working normally.

Engines running.  • Check

Hydraulic pressure.  • Check, just under 3000psi

Steering tiller pushed in. • Check

Aircraft moving under ground idle. • Check

I'm using an X52 Saitek stick with a twist axis, and it's mapped to "Nosewheel Tiller", but doesn't work at all with this Saab 340A.  It does work normally with other aircraft.

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