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TBM900 overhead panel


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I am a bit of a newbie and would like help reading the TBM panels mainly the overhead panel. I purchased this plane yesterday but have not been able to fly her as i cannot see the switches to start the engine etc.. 
The screen shot shows it all, this is as close as i can get using my track ir headset and cannot find out how to get the panel to fly out. Anyone have a suggestion ?

I fully intend to go VR but finding it difficult to save the funds required due to covid and lack of business. I was hoping to learn  to fly this incredible plane before purchasing the VR set.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Peter 




TBM900 cockpit.png

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Aloha and Thank you both for the quick response.

I changed the field of view and that made  the panel a little closer but still difficult to read. 

Do you think it would be better with X Camera? I know of this software but have never tried it so not sure what it can do?

Also, How about VR, would I be able to get close and read the switches better?

Presently since changing my field of view I am closer to the panel but still difficult to see the individual switches. If it were as clear as this text then I would not have a problem.

I have been flying the Pipistrelle Panthera for the past 5 yrs and now would like to advance to a more realistic experience  hence my choice of the TBS900.

Thanks in advance, Piko




















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Aloha Cameron,
I have lowered the lateral view to136 any lower and I cannot see the overhead panel.
The panel  switch signage is much better but still not clear and the switches are still a calculated guess.

As I have not purchased any VR yet do you think it would make the panel clearer or not? Also  someone mentioned a software called X-Camera?

Please, any thoughts on how I can make this panel clear would be greatly appreciated.
I still have not attempted to start the engine as I really need to be able to see the panel switches clearly rather than just guessing.

Thanks in advance, Piko 


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14 minutes ago, piko said:

I have lowered the lateral view to136 any lower and I cannot see the overhead panel.

I think you should lower it to something like 70.

You can use the right mouse button held down and drag the mouse to see around the panel, as if your head is moving. This would allow you to see the panel.

You could also setup numpad views, where pressing numbers on your numpad take you to sections of the plane. Move your "head" around with the right mouse as explained above, then use CTRL plus a number on your numpad, like CTRL + 1. Then, press W to go back to forward view. Now press 1 on your numpad and it should take you to the view you just saved. You can assign multiples of these views with your numpad keys.


You can physically move around the cockpit/cabin with:

q = Left head turn

e = Right head turn

Up arrow key = Move forward

Down arrow key = Move backward

Use shift and any of the keys above to make the movement faster. Always press 'W' to get back to your forward cockpit position.

VR is not necessary.

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Aloha Cameron,
I am confused.
I have attached two screen shots (70) is set at 70 as you can see I could not fly as non of my screens are visible. the other screen shot is set at 137,  as you can see i can only just get most in view but not visible enough to see knobs or text.

I know that the TBM900 is a fantastic plane, therefore the problem must be at my end. Only thing is I own 6 pay planes including the  Simcoders-REP-Kodiak Thranda  Quest G1000 and non display this problem.

I am not sure as to what you are suggesting, are you wanting me to  lower the lateral view to 70, turn off my Tracker ir and use the mouse to look around the cockpit? then raise the lateral view to 137  turn on my tracker ir to fly? .

I appreciate all of the help you guys are  giving, without your help i will have to leave this wonderful plane in the hanger until I can save up enough to purchase the Real sim gear TBM900 instrument package.
Thanks in advance, Piko



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If I have to guess, I would say you're trying to fit everything in one view, without having to pan around the cockpit.  I can't say I'm sure what you are saying with other add ons, because the field of view is universal.  Nothing in the TBM, regarding the field of view, was touched.  The top image you posted is exactly what you are meant to see.  If you are using Track IR, the view should pan around without issue.  

Fitting everything, obviously requires a field of view adjustment, but it will distort your view, as is evident in the 2nd picture you posted.

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On VR or Track IR, simply move your head up to the overhead.  Without VR or Track IR, I use the right mouse button and drag my view up, or assign a preset view using CTRL [numpad number].  

You could also pull the view back by pressing the comma key, and move it forward by pressing the period key, without adjusting FOV

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