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TBM900 eating fuel like God

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one more thing. Somehow my Tbm900 is consuming fuel like crazy.

I tell you an example. I flew yesterday from LHBP to LOWI. It is not very far. I had both fuel tanks full. My cruise altitude was FL310. The torque was 44%.

When I arrived to LOWI it was almost empty, around 30 gallons left.

According to the specs sheet this plane should fly minimum 2200 km at FL310 with much higher speed then I was traveling with 44% torque. If I am not mistaken my speed with this was .42 Mach.

For example when I flew from LHBP to LGIR I had to refuel 2 times along my trip. Ok, I was flying that time with torque 82% at FL310.

Whatsoever, what is the secret with this bird? I cannot believe it that I can fly just 700 km with full tanks.

Thank you.

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Did you forget to put the fuel caps back on?  A lot of people forget this tiny detail, and fuel will be blown out of the top of the wings via the bernoulli principle.  It can also be seen leaking.

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