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And another Crash with V5.0.6

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We are working on it... so far we haven't found any explanation for crashes other than running out of memory, but we do have several bug fixes and performance improvements that may help. Right now we're testing them with our corporate clients before unleashing them on the much larger X-Plane community.

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Another CTD with V5.0.6, seemingly caused by SMP V5.0.6.  Log attached.

I was flying the Laminar C90B in relatively clear sky (some clouds) without any volumetric clouds; and getting 56FPS with my i7900K @ 5Ghz and a RTX 2070. Yes, I did have my screen res set at 2560 x 1440 and AA at 4X, but I was getting 56FPS.

A fix really soon would be really really good.




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There's nothing useful in these logs beyond what you've previously provided in other logs. They don't point to where a crash occurred, just that it did. I suppose you could disable other plugins to see if it changes anything. Up to you though.

For now, no need to bother with further reports unless you have something drastically new.


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The last entry in the log seems to indicate a smp issue when changing clouds - it crashed because of smp pro. Yes, no obvious reason but caused by smp pro. I ran the same scenery and plug-ins with V4 without any problems with crashing. 

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