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Hi Valentiner,

this was not implemented on purpose - a real pilot of a 737 never gets to decide how many passengers sit where or how much cargo he loads. Well, unless you own the aircraft, I guess :). All the pilot will get is the Zero Fuel Weight and the Center of Gravity and this is exactly what we allow setting through the "ground services" menu.

Cheers, Jan


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1 hour ago, Valentiner79 said:

But doesn't the pilot really know how many passengers are in abord?

Yes, of course. And the Captain always has some influence, at least on most companies as he can overrule things for safety reasons (like leaving cargo behind to load more fuel, for example).

The general idea here is that ultimately we design this to be a simulation of a 737-300, not a "loading passengers and cargo game". I understand that it would be "cool" to have an interface where you can click on seats to fill them and pull sliders back and forth to load cargo...but ultimately it would only be cool for a few times and all it does is give you a weight and a center of gravity...which you already have now as well.

Cheers, Jan


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Definitely something we will consider when we revisit the GUI (also for VR). Transferring these values is just writing them to the variables we have, so that should be fairly easy!

Viele Grüße, Jan


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