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Saitek panels SAAB340

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Hello captains,

I bought the saab340 on this week and I would like to use my autopilot, radiopanel, an switches panel of saitek but I can't see any operation. 

I would appreciate your help to guiding me in this new bird with respect to saitek panels. 

Have a great day. 

Thank you, 


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I have the same problem but with the M20 aircraft. The started switch and flap lever will work on the switch panel but none of the switches work.  My radio panel and autopilot work fine.

This is my first purchase from X-aviation and and would like to purchase additional aircraft but probably won't if I can't get this problem solved.


Thank you,


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I appreciate your information, however, I have done prior research on the X plane.org site for some help.  There is no Saitek configuration for the X Aviation M20 aircraft.  My current Logiteck/Saitek drivers work on all my installed aircraft except for the M20 group. I find it frustrating that I have to use my mouse to click the multiple switches in the cockpit when I have most of them on my switch panel. I have decided to uninstall the X Aviation/AFM Mooney aircraft and purchase the proper ones from Carenado.

This was my first and last time purchasing products from this site.  I have been an X Plane user since version 9 and have never had this type of situation.

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