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No rain in Xplane


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I have seen that rain (at least with the Xplane 11.51) does not appear although it should according to the METAR (neither Vulkan nor OpenGL). I have tried it with SkyMaxx pro and with the XPlane's standard weather.  The same thing happens. In the case of SMP, if I force it in OpenGL with the precipitation options that the addon has (setting off then setting on one of the options), it works fine. But I have to do it every time I know there is rain. In the case of XP, the rain does not appear under any circumstances (well only if I move my view up and whenever it is in motion). It seems that it is a problem with Xplane and not with your addon but it is strange that anybody has mention this issue in any forum.

Greetings and happy new year.

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I have a similar issue with VR.

Rain appear with SkyMax Pro only if i set the option "Precipitation Style" to Default as shown into attached picture. If I try to switch it to any other option Rain disappear.

Please fix this. 

Software Version: SkyMaxx Pro 4.9.6

X-Plane Version: 11.51 OpenGL or Vulkan. 


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No Issue without SkyMaxx Pro
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One thing that's different about our rain effect is that it only occurs when you are actually underneath a cloud. So even if it's reported as rainy at your location, if you happen to be in between clouds it won't be raining where you are.

Just did a test and the rain effect does seem to be working... it's probably just that.

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