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Bitching and Moaning and for what?


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First off i would like to thanks the XAviation team for this brilliant aircraft... I don't know if i'm just lucky or do things right... First off i have tested all of the systems against the real POH and the feudality is 95% there... I LOVE it. I am running XPlane 11.51 in open GL and KABOOM rain effects and ILS is working correctly after implementing a simple navigraph install fix... and for all you guys out there who are going on about the fix.... gosh it took me like 5 mins to do it it's simple!!!!! and here is a screen shot showing both the rain effects and the ILS (localizer) working!!!! So before you call the aircraft broken please, please, PLEASE make an effort to follow the simple suggestions made by the team!!!!

THERE IS HOWEVER ONE THING I MIGHT BE AS BOLD TO ASK FOR would it be possible for the team to turn out a low poly MTL model for use on IVAO? A lot of people use xplane like 95% of users and it would be awesome to see other TBM's instead of some other aircraft.... 

Well thanks peeps for the AC and keep up the good work... I'm 100% satisfied with the product.... and yes the localizer fix has the latest updates. Screenie was taken at LMML Park 2 stand 1.


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57 minutes ago, gscottfuller said:

Does the Navigraph fix for the ILS issue work for those of us who don't have Navigraph accounts? If not, doesn't do much good. I get my AIRAC updates directly from the FAA so can't use that fix. Thanks.

You may nab the ILS files out of this one if Navigraph does not apply to you: 


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