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Hello guys, I'm flying the IXEG 737 since last November. In two occasions I experienced a loss of one engine (no alarm, noise or something else before the engine shutdown), then today just after takeoff, airspeed and altitude indicators stopped working on CPT side first and on FO side few minutes later. Both probes heat were on, also there weren't any icing conditions.

I check that I have no failure simulated in both IXEG and X plane menus, so I can't figure out why these failures are occurring (just to let you know, I've never had any failure with the ZIBO). 

Am I missing something? 

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not to my knowledge - there is no random failure simulation on the IXEG 737 (yet), you can trigger some failures (like the hydraulic ones) through the IXEG menus, and some of the default X-Plane ones will also work (like engine or APU failures/fire).

So I really don´t know what happened there for you - if it happens again, maybe go to the (default) failure menu and click the "fix all systems" button and see if that clears things up. If it does it would be a strong indication that you are getting random (default) failures somehow.

Cheers, Jan


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Oh, there is one more thing coming to my mind - if one side of the aircraft "drops offline" as you lift off, this might hint at you forgetting to switch the electrical source from the APU to the engine generators. The APU can power both buses while on the ground, but as soon as you lift off, one bus will drop offline...

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