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My TBM900 license windows is showed repeatedly and crash start bar is blocked

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Hello tech support team. Good day.


I have just bought my TBM900 about a couple of months a go. It was flying and working very well when license expiration date came up I hit update and fill my email and registration password, then nothin happens and this window appeared again and again repeatedly. Obviously crash bar of my TBM is blocked because of that behavior.

This is my installation platform.

Flight Sim Xplane 11.51 (Steam)
Intel core I7 8790 with 32 Gb RAM 
Envidia GTX 1060 6Gb VRAM
AMD Radeon RX 580 Product Color with 8Gb VRAM
SSD 512Gb (main installation), 2Tb HHD, 1Tb M2 storage for sceneries and aircrafts
3 HDR Hisense Monitors 1920 x 1080
This platform is only for Xplane but no other applications installed
I have my licensed product correctly as x-aviation  so I dont have any idea what happened with this?? Please your help.
The license check activation window is opened all the time asking for license activation. No errors, no further messages, only open again and again. Please your help to resolve this issue as soon as you can.
I will be aware of your swift reply. Thanks is advance.
Best regards,
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The activation is strictly email and password controlled.  If you can't activate it, and all folders are in their correct locations (ie. you haven't reinstalled the TBM into some other kind of custom folder location), then I'm at a loss.  You could try to reset your X-Aviation password, and then entering that into your activation pop up, but other than that, it's beyond me.

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Thanks for your comments Goran,


Actually I have installed for n-time without any issue related to license validation. That is why all update and download file installation came out with out any problem. All aircraft seems to be good only that at this case all doors and hatches are opened. Switches and panels no response, leftside menues are ok they are working good. but crash bar is blocked.

Sure let me try password reset...I will let you know.

Thanks again

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Hello Goran. Good day


Yes indeed, you were right xplane now sent another different message. This is an activation problem as you just said. Now I should be glad if you may help on this..

Another kind of error just came up, I guess is because have two different accounts2020_12.31-06_48.thumb.png.137ebe241ed10514bdaebf4f87e8ab97.png. Now it said..."This computer is registered to another user". Let me reach guys of x-aviation support  I hope can get a swift reply.

Thanks Goran for your help and directions...

Best regards,

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Five support tickets open by you. Our contact page clearly states not to do this. Each time you do, you push yourself to the bottom of the queue. Don't do that.

All that aside, licensing issues are not handled on the forums. Topic closed.

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