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Cylinder temps & fuselage cover

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I've had many hours of enjoyment out of this aircraft since purchasing the SR22. Great product.

I have two questions..

If I fly the aircraft, then park it up, close the sim then come back the next day. When I power it up its still showing 200+ c temps on the cylinders. What could be causing this? Especially when OAT is <10c. I thought the engine should be stone cold after 24 hours :D

The other thing is, the caps and chocks seem to be persistent when I shut down the aircraft and put them on, but the aircraft cover and tie downs does not stay on when I load the aircraft once I've rebooted the sim?


Any tips or advice would be appreciated :)


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Excellent thanks for the heads up.

I just assumed that engine temps would decline as time was elapsed since the engine was shut down and closing the sim. So in theory the only way to return to a cold engine would be to shut the aircraft off and leave the sim running until the temps have cooled right off?

Appreciate you checking the code, just a small thing but it would be nice to have :)


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