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Pop up only shows 2/3 HSI

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Just purchased this and having issues. Supplied 172 works fine, but pop up does not. Instructions should say to create (not open) cfg file as it did not appear to exist. Once I got past that, I was able to get both G5s to open, move and resize.

However, only about 2/3rds of HSI is visible. Does not matter on sizing or position.Announcing the AFM G5 Instrument Pack! - General Discussion - X-Pilot

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Hi Coop,

This worked. Thanks. A few hints for folks: The supplied 172SP with the two G5s worked fine. It was the pop up for other aircraft that only got a partial HSI.  I didn't find that it worked if the above file went in to the above described subdirectory. I had to make one for each other aircraft duplicating the one like that under X-Aviation. For every aircraft that you want this to work in, you have to set up the pop up from a button as the instructions described and place this file as well (if you are having only a portion of the HSI appear.)

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Hi Coop,

I installed the acfConfig file you provided above into my vFlyte Grumman Tiger to resolve the "2/3rds of HSI is visible" issue with pop-in instruments.   The .cfg solved that problem and the pop-in HSI now renders correctly.   Thanks.

However, my GNS430 and GTX327 screens are overlaid with the HSI.    See screenshot below.

Do you have any idea how I can resolve. 



Screenshot 2021-03-19 125204.png

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