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Bought SR20, but can’t start or fly. Switch and click regions inop

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I bought your SR 20 tonight and have it loaded up. I can select the plane in Xplane11 and it loads up. When I click the mouse in most click regions, it just makes a loud clicking sound with a strange whir type noise after but no action. It’s like the mouse is basically useless in most click regions but not all. I cannot do anything with the keys, the ignition switch, boost pump or most other regions. 

is there any fix for this or documentation?



Bob Edgar 

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Starting is rather tricky.  I had to watch a few real-world startups before getting the hang of it.  Some of them set the fuel lever 1/2"  up after priming and boost as suggested in checklist.  When turning ignition they move the fuel lever slowly up and down until engine starts.  Works for me.

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